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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 06:01

A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Feb. 15

A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Feb. 15

Our good friends at Google run a daily puzzle challenge and asked us to help get them out to the geeky masses. Each day’s puzzle will task your googling skills a little more, leading you to Google mastery. Each morning at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time you’ll see a new puzzle, and the previous day’s answer (in invisitext) posted here.

Wired Opinion: Can Brands Become Money-Making Publishers Themselves?

Major brands are slowly discovering that e-commerce may not be the only revenue stream the digital world has to offer them. There may be gold for them in advertising as well.

It has always been assumed by media industry pundits that brands could not become advertising-supported digital publishers because they did not reach enough eyeballs to make advertising financially meaningful to them. But that appears to be changing.


Thursday, 09 February 2012 12:30

Up Your Game With Banned Sports Gear

Up Your Game With Banned Sports Gear | Magazine |

Photo: Jason Pietra

  • 1// Heavy Metal Senior Hockey Stick
    Perfect for: Getting a grip like Gretzky’s.
    Geek factor: Banned by the NHL. Puck control is all in the wrist, and practicing with this heavy steel stick encourages muscle development to gain that control, helping players score between visits to the penalty box.
    $235, Heavy Metal Senior Hockey Stick
  • 2// Prince NXG Silencer Racket Dampener
    Perfect for: Keeping your backhand rock solid.
    Geek factor: Not yet approved by the ITF. Vibration is your enemy when...
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