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Friday, 04 November 2011 19:51

Star Trek, Legion of Super-Heroes Mash Multiverses

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Star Trek, Legion of Super-Heroes Mash Multiverses

Gene Roddenberry’s space explorers join forces with DC Comics’ 30th-century superteam in Star Trek: Legion of Super-Heroes, a six-issue sci-fi crossover comic that seems strangely overdue.

“Doing it made me wonder why no one had ever done it before,” said Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief of IDW Publishing, which will release Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes No. 2 on Nov. 9. (Get a glimpse at the issue in the exclusive preview gallery above.)

Star Trek once crossed over with the X-Men, which made no sense other than fiscal,” he added. “But this is a science-based team of superheroes in the future crossing over with a team of space-faring explorers from the future. Once we figured out that there was actually a villain who appeared in both universes before, it became even more natural.”

The oft-rebooted Legion of Super-Heroes first appeared in 1958 as 30th-century bench-warmers for Superboy; Star Trek’s iconic Enterprise flew into our TV imagination in 1966. By the end of the ’60s, both had been relegated to the rerun bin, so to speak, to lie in wait for their inevitable resurrections.

That happens in IDW’s Star Trek: Legion of Super-Heroes — written by Chris Roberson, with art by Jeffrey and Philip Moy, and covers by Phil Jimenez — which finds the time-traveling crews crossing dystopias.

“Both universes merge together to create an all-new reality, and all new villains made up of characters from both continuities,” said Ryall, who’s got more such merges in mind.

“Of the properties we control, I’d love to pair up the Transformers with DC’s Justice League or Marvel’s Fantastic Four,” he said. “But I think the world is demanding to see our Zombies vs. Robots crossover with Image Comics’ The Walking Dead.”

Engage your own Star Trek crossovers in the comments section below. (We’re pulling for Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner, another ’60s sci-fi classic taken out of circulation all too soon.)

Images courtesy IDW Publishing

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