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Facebook And Spotify Team Up – Free Spotify Accounts For All

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When Spotify was recently launched in the US, an invitation was needed in order to get a free account. Previously anyone willing to pay for a subscription could join right away, without needing an invitation. Now Spotify no longer requires an invitation to join the party as they have recently partnered with Facebook to bring music to the social network. New Spotify users in the U.S. that sign up for free accounts will have unlimited access to more than 15 million tracks for the first six months. After that, time limits will go into effect. Spotify users with free accounts in Europe are limited to 10 hours of free music a month. As of right now, it is unclear what kind of time limits will go into effect after the initial six-month period that concludes here in the U.S. Spotify has teamed up with Facebook to offer users an easy way to embed music into their posts. Facebook now lets you share Spotify tracks with your friends so they can hear what you are currently listening to with the click of a button. Users can make recommendations to each other as well. Spotify’s latest tag line reads the following: “Spotify is the soundtrack to your social life.” According to a Spotify representative, Angela Watts, “For music to be inherently social it needs to be an open model, and that’s why we decided to do it today.” Unfortunately, once a Spotify user’s initial six months of unlimited listening is up, music that they listen to on Facebook will count toward their monthly time allotment. However, Spotify users with paid accounts won’t have to deal with this limitation. Spotify paid plans range from $5 to $10 a month for unlimited commercial free music. It seems as though Facebook won’t be happy until they have dipped their feet into every type of media in existence lately. This is being said after Facebook has dipped into music with their partnership with Spotify and as major movie studies begin to offer movie rentals through the social network site. It won’t be a surprise to see book and/or magazine downloads in the near future. We hope not but in the long run however, this new partnership between Facebook and Spotify should be a huge success for both companies. Authors:
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