Wednesday 23 September 2020
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May 31, 2006: Pirate Bay Raided, Shuttered

2006: Swedish police raid The Pirate Bay website and shut it down.

“Pirate Bay was a huge source of pirated films for people around the world, and today they are no longer.”

That was a statement issued exactly five years ago Tuesday by Kori Bernards, a spokeswoman for the Motion Picture Association of America.

After all, Swedish police that day had just raided the file sharing site’s offices and carted away a boatload of servers.

One Brain, Hundreds of Eyes: Darpa Plots Manhunt Master Controller

Thought military tracking technology couldn’t get any creepier? Hold onto your tinfoil hats and hide behind the nearest curtain because the next generation of manhunting gear just took another step closer to reality.

Voici un exemple de ce qu'est capable de faire la technique quand elle est bien utilisé. Même si cela ne sert strictement à rien, cela reste un peu hypnotique.

Here's an example of what technology can do when properly used. Even if this is absolutely worthless, it is a bit hypnotic.

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La technique du timelapse est assez longue apprendre. Mais quant le photographe joue avec, voici ce que cela peut donner. Extraordinaires jeux de lumières et d'effets de zoom sur ces séquences enregistrées à Singapour.

The technique of timelapse is long enough to learn. But as the photographer plays with, here's what it can give. Special lighting effects and zoom effect on these sequences recorded in Singapore.

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Apple Announces iCloud, Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote

A cloud. Photo Karen Ka Ying Wong / Flickr

Apple has confirmed maybe the worst kept secret in Silicon Valley: it’s been working on a cloud service, and will announce it at the June 6 Worldwide Developers Conference.

So now we know annual developer’s conference will unveil “iCloud®, Apple’s upcoming cloud services offering,” but we don’t know yet what it is, or what exactly will reside at the domain name it may have bought for $4.5 million in April.

Les demandes en mariage sont toujours surprenantes, certains les préparent et organisent pendant des mois éclipsant presque l'événement lui-même. Mais la meilleure façon de faire n'est elle pas celle de cet homme et d'être capable de vraiment surprendre sa future femme ?

Marriage proposals are always surprising, some prepare and organize for months almost eclipsing the event itself. But the best way to do it is not one of this man and to be able to really surprise his future wife?

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Thursday, 19 September 2013 05:41

WebBuzz du 19/09/2013

Pour Ceux qui n'aurait pas eu le loisir de voir en direct l'opération de redressement du Costa Concordia, voici une petite scéance de rattrappage et en moins de 2 minutes. Même si l'opération a l'air simple, elle cache beaucoup de technicité et de professionnalisme.
For those who would not have had the opportunity to see live the recovery operation of the Costa Concordia, here's a little time-laspe and in less than 2 minutes. Although the operation looks simple, it hides a lot of technical expertise and professionalism.

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Pour les amateurs de programmations et de développement, voici une comparaison de 13 tris avec des couleurs à classer. Cela vous permet de vous donner une idée sur le fonctionnement de chaque tris et de leur efficacité.  

For lovers of programming and development, here is a comparison of 13 sorts with colors to be classified. This gives you an idea of how each sort works and how effective it is.

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Alors qu'ils s'ennuyaient ferme dimanche dernier, ce groupe d'amis a décidé de créer leur propre balançoire à voiture. En voici la vidéo.

As they were bored last Sunday, this group of friends decided to create their own car swing. Here is the video.

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While vacationing in France, you find a DVD of Ishtar. Score! (It’s never been released on DVD in the US). But when you get home, you discover that you’ve purchased a Region 2 disc, which, in your Region 1 player, is as useful as a coaster. This raises two questions: Why do you want to watch Ishtar? And why do we still have region codes?

The answers: taste and money, respectively. Though there’s no accounting for the former, those codes may soon be gone.

Regional restrictions began in 1997, as DVD technology was rolling out. They have nothing to do with the NTSC and PAL...

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