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Mercredi, 07 Septembre 2011 12:00

Show of Force: Images From the Abu Dhabi Arms Fair

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Earlier this year, 50,000 military officers and arms dealers descended on Abu Dhabi for the International Defence Exhibition and Conference. Some are allies, others mortal enemies (India, say hello to Pakistan). But here they meet and mingle, shopping for missile systems, assault rifles, and attack helicopters.

Live Demonstration Area
Convention Center Grandstand

While these attack helicopters fly information overhead, tanks rumble through the streets and commando teams launch assaults on encampments. The display of military might is essentially a sales pitch by the UAE, choreographed to mark the start of the International Defence Exhibition and Conference, or IDEX, the Middle East's largest arms fair. The goal is to impress the 50,000 military officers, arms dealers, and government representatives from more than 100 nations who are gathered here in Abu Dhabi to shop for the latest weapons, tanks, rockets, and other killer gizmos. The display can be witnessed comfortably from the grandstands, which are set up to allow professional media crews to capture all the action.
Photo: Julian Röder


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