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Fujifilm's Forward-Thinking, Retro-Styled Rangefinder

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Fujifilm's Forward-Thinking, Retro-Styled Rangefinder

Photo: Jens Mortensen

Underneath the sweet ’70s styling and “analog” controls, the Fujifilm FinePix X100 is possibly the most advanced rangefinder-style camera ever (yes, we know about the Leica M9), though not the most rugged. Look through the eyepiece and you’ll see the best of old and new: a digital heads-up display superimposed over a classic glass viewfinder. And since there’s no mirror to pivot up and out of the way like on an SLR, you can shoot with almost no shutter lag while never losing sight of your subject. The large 12.3-megapixel sensor also records 720p HD. Stay away from water, though; each of those cool analog dials sits atop unsealed circuitry.

Wired: Prosumer hardware in hipster packaging. Built-in flash, but the blazing-fast 35-mm-equivalent f/2 lens and maximum ISO of 12,800 mean you won’t need it much.

Tired: One lens only. Water-resistant? This camera isn’t even rated for use in humidity over 80 percent. Sorry, Florida.


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