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Welcome to Wired Enterprise, Where IT Happens

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What is enterprise IT? Well, it’s not what it used to be.

It’s still operating systems from Microsoft and databases from Oracle. It’s still servers from HP and Dell and networking gear from Cisco.  But we’ve reached a point where some of the most influential enterprise IT companies aren’t enterprise IT companies – at least not in the traditional sense. The most influential enterprise IT companies now include web companies. Google. Amazon. Even Facebook and Yahoo! Yes, Yahoo!

Google is moving traditional office software applications onto the web with its Google Apps suite, and Microsoft is following. Amazon is offering online access to servers and storage and so many other computing resources through its Amazon Web Services “cloud”, and it seems as if everyone is following.

Perhaps more importantly, as they build their web empires, Google and Amazon are reinventing the hardware and software used inside the data center – not to mention the data centers themselves. Facebook and Yahoo! aren’t far behind, and somewhere behind them are the traditional enterprise IT giants, trying to catch up with the custom-built technology running the web’s largest operations.

It’s a Wired moment. And we’re here to cover it. Today, we launch Wired Enterprise, which doesn’t describe the half of it. It will cover the technologies, companies, and personalities driving the way big beefy businesses will operate in the not-too-distant future, and in many ways, it’s  not what you expect. It’s as much Google as Microsoft. It’s as much Amazon as HP. It’s as much web as enterprise. It’s IT.

Happy reading,

Cade Metz, Wired Enterprise Editor

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