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Gadget Lab Podcast: Netflix's Split, Lenovo Tablet and Robotics Fun

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This week on the Gadget Lab Podcast: The gang talks about Netflix’s big split, Arduino’s newest products and the latest iPhone rumors, and takes a look at a business-minded Lenovo Tablet and the My Keepon robot.

Reviews editor Michael Calore and staff writer Mike Isaac open the show discussing Netflix’s odd e-mail apology and sudden move to split into two separate units: Netflix, for streaming, and the newly created Qwikster for Netflix’s former DVD-by-mail service. Not to mention the goldmine that is the Qwikster Twitter feed.

The two then switch gears to talk about the latest in Android tablets, the Lenovo ThinkPad tablet. It’s basically what RIM should have done with the BlackBerry Playbook, but we’ll get a more in-depth look at the tablet next week.

Next, staff writer Christina Bonnington gives us a hands-on with the My Keepon robot, a toy designed from a research robot used in autism therapy.

Mike and Christina conclude the show chatting about the latest word on the iPhone 5 (and the iPhone 4S), and get geeky talking about Arduino’s newest products.

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Or listen to the audio below:

Gadget Lab audio podcast #125

Gadget Lab Podcast: Netflix's Split, Lenovo Tablet and Robotics FunChristina is a staff writer covering Apple, robotics, and everything in between. She's also written for Gizmodo and Wired magazine. Check out her Google+ profile here.
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