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Jargon Watch: Flytilla, Botcloud, Dot-Brand

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Illustration: Denis Carrier

  • Flytilla n.
    A political protest for which the participants arrive via commercial jet. Also known as a fly-in, a flytilla provides activists with alternative access to a contested territory like the West Bank when conventional flotillas are blockaded.
  • Botcloud n.
    A botnet comprised of hundreds or thousands of virtual computers leased from a cloud computing provider like Amazon.com for nefarious purposes. It allows hackers to avoid the risk and hassle of commandeering PCs to spread a virus.
  • Hypercluster n.
    A cluster of superclusters (agglomerations of galaxies, previously deemed the largest structures in the universe). Stretching across billions of light-years, hyperclusters defy all known physics, leading some cosmologists to question whether the laws of gravity need fixing.
  • Dot-brand n.
    A top-level domain consisting of a company name, like .pepsi or .ibm. Companies and organizations can apply for one for $185,000, a promotional opportunity that some interest groups—compelled to pay to protect their trademarks—consider extortionary.

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