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Exclusive: Paul Cornell's Lunar Stormwatch Lunacy

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Holy luna-cy! The moon fearsomely comes alive and threatens to destroy planet Earth in DC Comics’ reboot of Jim Lee’s Image Comics series Stormwatch.

In its gripping but demented second issue — exclusively previewed in the gallery above and available Wednesday — writer Paul Cornell’s new Stormwatch character The Eminence of Blades, known to his folks as Harry Tanner, uncomfortably mind-melds with the Scourge of Worlds. The Scourge, in turn, has its massive eye on forestalling an apocalypse that it just might create.

It’s the kind of outer-limits sci-fi that Cornell has mastered, whether it’s for Doctor Who or DC Comics. Even better, it’s a much-needed antidote to the jingoism and misogyny found at length in DC Comics’ otherwise underwhelming New 52 reboot campaign.

With mythic art from Miguel Sepulveda and Al Barrionuevo, Stormwatch’s second issue forms an accessible bridge between Lee’s original series, peripherally related comics like WildC.A.T.s., Warren Ellis’ stellar Planetary and The Authority, and DC Comics’ venerable superhero roster. It’s also a suitable show-off for Cornell’s talent, which can also be found at the other end of the sci-fi and fantasy spectrum in the self-aware medieval series Demon Knights.

Stormwatch will thunder on in the coming months with new issues, which feature lunar antibodies monstrously transforming our planet’s people, buildings, and pets (yes, really) into bloodthirsty Earth-eaters.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’re down with Cornell’s new take on Stormwatch’s history, and if it stands antennae and shoulders above the rest of DC’s New 52 comics onslaught.

Images courtesy DC Comics

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