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Listen to the Light App Is a Musical Exploration of New York's Central Park

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Bluebrain, the musicians behind The National Mall, have put together another location-aware album — Listen to the Light.

The National Mall was tied to the location of the same name in Washington, D.C., but Listen to the Light takes New York’s Central Park as its inspiration instead. Like the previous release, you don’t listen to Listen to the Light chronologically, you listen to it geographically — it changes depending on where you are, rather than when you are.

As you wander around the park, the music will change depending on your location and the proximity of specific objects. “We were really able to just go wild with whatever ideas came to us as we were walking the park,” said Holladay. “Central Park is by no means a concession — it is a beautiful, beautiful place and we’re thrilled to have gotten to spend so much time there on this project.”

“Originally we’d intended to do either Prospect Park or Flushing Meadows in Queens, the site of the 1939 World’s Fair and one of our favorite parks anywhere,” Bluebrain’s Ryan Holladay told “Ultimately though, a few friends including our developer Bradley strongly urged us to think about doing it in the most-visited park in America.”

If you’ve got plans that involve New York in the not-too-distant future and you’d like to give Listen to the Light a go, then you’ll need an iPhone or iPad. Head to the App Store here.

Android users are out of luck. “We haven’t had time to work with our developer on an Android version for this and do not have any immediate plans. But if there’s enough demand and we can figure out how to make it happen, we would love to have it accessible to more people,” said Holladay.

You can see a trailer for the app above, and a behind-the-scenes documentary on how it was made below.


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