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Gallery: Artists Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs

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Goodbye Steve

As news of Steve Jobs' death ricocheted around the world Wednesday, people expressed their grief in many ways. Some took to Twitter or Facebook to respond to the loss; some held vigils outside Apple stores.

Others used the very tools the Apple co-founder devoted his life to inventing to create their own artistic tributes to the man. Anticipating such an outpouring from its huge online community, art website deviantArt set up a page where artists could post their tributes to Jobs.

"We have lost a great American pioneer, designer and leader," said Angelo Sotira, co-founder and CEO of deviantArt, in an email to "The passing of Steve Jobs has solidified his place as one of the greatest cultural icons of our generation.... As we all reflect and sort through our feelings, we begin to realize everything he stood for: Challenging the norm, staying through hardships, following your heart, recognizing the patterns of the past and believing in yourself to apply them in the future. With his passing on October 5th, we witness the birth of a new era — one that will celebrate the iconography and aesthetics of what he represented." gathered a gallery of some of the web's best such tributes, along with the artists' statements (when possible). Leave a note in the comments if you've found another Jobs-inspired artwork you'd like to share.


By José Paulo, a Portugal-based artist.


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