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Iron Sky Comic Explains How Nazis Got to the Moon

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As Iron Sky’s filmmakers put the final touches on their crowd-funded sci-fi black comedy, they’ve published a prequel comic book explaining how Third Reich refugees found their way to the moon.

The three-part comic book series, by writer Mikko Rautalahti (Alan Wake) and illustrator Gerry Kissell (Code Word: Geronimo), drills into the fiendish mind of Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, who becomes Führer of the moon Nazis.

Preview the first few pages of Episode 1 of the comic, entitled “Bad Moon Rising,” in the gallery above. You can read “Bad Moon Rising” online for free or pay what you like. Those who contribute to Iron Sky’s post-production costs get access to a five-minute behind-the-scenes sneak-peek video about the sci-fi film.


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