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Animal Prosthetics Help Human Amputees Move Again

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  • Wired October 2011
LOCATION St. Rose, Louisiana
INJURY Lower leg amputated after a pit bull attack
Molly’s first prosthetic was made of acrylic, aluminum, and fiberglass; it was created by Gary Sod, a vet at Louisiana State University who was part of the team that amputated her leg to save her life. Her current prosthetic (shown), one of six she’s had over the years, was designed by Dwayne Mara of Bayou Orthotic & Prosthetic, who keeps making improvements to it. For his part, Sod is working on another approach: osseointegration—attaching the prosthetic directly to what remains of the bone—for large quadrupeds. He has successfully attached implants to bone and is experimenting with the best way to connect a prosthetic to the skin. He hopes to one day permanently affix artificial legs to the bones of horses and other creatures.

Molly was abandoned in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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