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Siri Is Stuffed With Hilarious Easter Eggs

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Not only is Siri shaping up to actually be as good as its hype, but it turns out the Apple and Siri engineers have tucked some excellent easter eggs inside — so many, in fact, someone has already started a Tumblr to catalog them all.

Right now everything is copied from Josh Topolsky’s post over at This is My Next, but my guess is that we’ll see it filling up when more people get the iPhone 4S — and Siri — in their hands. Bonus: The Shit That Siri Says Tumblr doesn’t use an annoying slideshow format.

My favorite is this one, for pretty obvious reasons:

Siri Is Stuffed With Hilarious Easter Eggs

'Open the pod bay doors.' 'I'm sorry Joshua, I can't do that.' Image Josh Topolsky

But you’ll also find at least three answers to the question “What’s the meaning of life” (and yes, one of the answers is “42?), along with some genuinely useful results. Tell Siri you need to dump a body and she’ll suggest nearby reservoirs, mines, swamps and metal foundries.

There’s more. Ask for drugs and Siri will send you to an addiction treatment center. Mention being horny and Siri pulls up a list of escort agencies. It’s quite a different attitude than Apple’s prudish rejections of the rather tame Kama Sutra back at the birth of the App Store.

Head over to Topolsky’s post to see the rest, and consider taking another look at the Tumblr after the official iPhone 4S launch. It might never be as unintentionally funny as Damn You, Auto correct, but it could get close.

Siri says some weird things [This Is My Next]

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