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Vote: What's Iran's Next Insane Terror Plot?

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Vote: What's Iran's Next Insane Terror Plot?
Team Obama isn’t exactly doing a great job of explaining this bonkers story about Iran’s crack terror squad hiring a Mexican drug cartel to kill a Saudi diplomat in Washington. Faced with the challenge of articulating why the Qods Force would take such a bizarre step for such an extreme mission, officials are whispering to reporters that they themselves were skeptical, until super-secret intelligence — that they of course won’t divulge — proved conclusive. As for why Iran would enlist the cartels, “they’re very willing to use all kinds of proxies to achieve specific clandestine foreign-policy goals,” some unknown official assured the Washington Post’s David Ignatius. So there’s that.

We think you can do better. Not with explaining the assassination plot — it’s the Obama administration’s job to make that case. Rather, we think the distributed collective intelligence of our readership can accurately predict, Iarpa style, what the next insane Iranian plot will be. Use our Reddit widget to vote on the choices offered or submit your own. And please: nothing as implausible as the Qods Force turning to a used car salesman to link up with a Mexican drug cartel with whom it never previously worked to pull off an operation so dangerous it could have launched a new Mideast war.

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