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The Best Totally-Not-Real Avengers Trailer Yet

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It’s pretty much a consensus at this point that the first trailer for The Avengers is straight-up nerd porn. But what that powerful promo doesn’t have is actual porn, or nerds, or superheroes doing blow and ‘roids.

The fake Avengers trailer above delivers all that and then some. The latest creation of the tabloid video wizards at New Media Animation, this video shows a darker version of Marvel’s team of bickering superheroes — one where Thor takes revenge on Loki because the bad brother was responsible for leaking cellphone pics of Scarlett Johansson on the internet, and Iron Man snorts rails while Captain America pumps up on steroids (we think).

And that’s just the beginning. Nick Fury intervenes, hands the Avengers some sort of Transformers script, and sends them to Loki’s ice cave, where they’re frozen to the floor (we can’t make this up). Then Avengers director Joss Whedon shows up — inexplicably dressed like Superman (uh, guys, that’s DC Comics, not Marvel, but whatever). Whedon and Buffy stake Loki, because apparently stakes have the same effect on Asgardians as they do on vampires.

Anyway … the Avengers eventually celebrate their victory by making it rain on a stripper in a private room and some other dudes punch a giant piece of meat. (Actually, if anyone can explain that last part, we’re all ears.)

The end.

Elsewhere on the fake Avengers trailer front: The “Sweded” version (below) made waves earlier this week, but NMA’s totally takes the cake for its sheer absurdity. Frankly, we’d pay to see that excess-laden movie. Probably more than once.

The real Avengers movie hits theaters in May 2012.

[via Topless Robot]


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