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Mardi, 25 Octobre 2011 12:00

Most Dangerous Object in the Office: Lee Production Pot IV Electric Melter

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  • 12:00 pm  | 
  • Wired October 2011

Photo: Cody Pickens

Mark Zuckerberg only eats meat that he himself has killed. So from now on, we’re only using paper clips that we ourselves have cast from molten metal. And we can do it right at our desks, thanks to the Lee Production Pot IV Electric Melter. Typically used for making bullets, the 500-watt heater on this desktop foundry can hit 900 degrees Fahrenheit — more than enough to liquefy lead, tin, zinc, and pewter. What’s that? Do I know what happened to your D&D figurines? Um, no, but check out these hand-forged paper clips!


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