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Storyboard: How to Cook a Dinosaur

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  • 4:14 pm  | 
  • Wired

Storyboard: How to Cook a Dinosaur

Actually, famed paleontologist Jack Horner didn’t have any advice about the proper prep for a dinosaur, even one reverse-evolved from a chicken. But in this podcast, he does recommend what color wine to drink along with it.

Wired’s October cover story, “How To Hatch A Dinosaur,” follows Horner’s most recent line of research, but he’s known for much more. Horner’s work directly influenced major pop culture depictions from Jurassic Park to Terra Nova. Now he has embarked on his chickenosaurus project to further lay out the evolutionary connections between modern birds and their thunderous, lizardly ancestors.

Horner sat down with Adam Rogers in front of a live audience to talk about finding good specimens in the field, the response of others to his unique work, and his deep desire for a pet dino.  He even tells some good stories about arguing with his colleague Steven.

Spielberg, that is.


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