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This Halloween, Neil Gaiman Wants You to Give Scary Books for 'All Hallow's Read'

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Writer Neil Gaiman wants to start a whole new Halloween tradition in which everybody gives and receives scary books.

Called All Hallow’s Read, the concept is extremely simple — just give a friend, or a neighborhood kid, or a stranger at Whole Foods, a fright-filled book to read. That’s it. It’s so easy it might just work, especially if the small army of Gaiman fans picks up the idea and runs with it.

Gaiman himself, however, is quick to point out that this new tradition isn’t meant to replace things like wearing a costume to work or trick-or-treating in a Stormtrooper outfit. (Perish the thought.)

“We’re not saying, ‘Don’t give candy.’ Candy is important. Fake blood is important,” Gaiman says in the video (above) announcing the new Halloween ritual. “The point is, give somebody a scary book.”

Not only is All Hallow’s Read a great way to get book recommendations, we think it’s also a cool way to bring long-finished books back from the dead. Got an extra copy of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary gathering cobwebs? Give it away. Got extra copies of The Walking Dead comics? Dust ‘em off and hand ‘em out.

Also, for those who don’t know who they should give their wares to, the All Hallow’s Read site has printable “Take This Book!” stickers that can be placed on items to be left in public for some lucky guy or ghoul to find. You can follow the book club on Twitter with the hashtag #AllHallowsRead.

Got your own must-read horror tomes? Submit your personal picks for ideal books to give away during the inaugural year of Gaiman’s ritual using the form below, then vote on others’ submissions. (Note: You can only add one book, so make your submission count.) Oh, and happy All Hallow’s Read!


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