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FacebookFacebookWho could have predicted that one skinny nerd from Harvard would completely change the definition of social experience in the 21st century? Since Mark Zuckerberg and pals founded Facebook in his dorm room just seven years ago, the site has grown to more than 750 million active users. And thanks to the Facebook app, more than a quarter billion of us are using our phones to keep up with the Joneses everywhere, all the time. For better or worse, we’ve Liked, Poked, and Friended our way into a new phase of human interaction.

Gone are the days of casual water cooler conversation, replaced by a constantly running dialog, a flow of status updates from friends and family trickling down our News Feeds.

Just think about what you do in your downtime now, those moments when you’re stuck in line at the DMV or your dinner companion goes to the restroom. If you’re like us, you take out your phone and scan for the red glow of a new Facebook notification. A mobile version of Facebook meant that it could fill every moment of every day, not just those times when we happened to be in front of a computer.

Zuckerberg’s aspirations for Facebook range far beyond the writings on our walls — check-ins, location-based deals, Skype-integrated video chat, even a tablet-optimized Facebook app (which arrived way too late, if you ask us). Google+ might be the new kid on the social network block, but Facebook still runs the city.



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