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9 Equations True Geeks Should (at Least Pretend to) Know

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The Beautiful Equation: Euler’s Identity

Even for those of us who finished high school algebra on a wing and a prayer, there's something compelled about equations. The world's complexities and uncertainties are distilled and set in orderly figures, with a handful of characters sufficing to capture the universe itself.

For your enjoyment, the Wired Science team has gathered nine of our favorite equations. Some represent the universe; others, the nature of life. One represents the limit of equations.

We do advise, however, against getting any of these equations tattooed on your body, much less branded. An equation t-shirt would do just fine.


Also called Euler’s relation, or the Euler equation of complex analysis, this bit of mathematics enjoys accolades across geeky disciplines.

9 Equations True Geeks Should (at Least Pretend to) KnowSwiss mathematician Leonhard Euler first wrote the equality, which links together geometry, algebra, and five of the most essential symbols in math -- 0, 1, i, pi and e -- that are essential tools in scientific work.

Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman was a huge fan and called it a "jewel" and a “remarkable” formula. Fans today refer to it as “the most beautiful equation."

Image: Cory Doctorow/Wikipedia

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9 Equations True Geeks Should (at Least Pretend to) KnowBrandon is a Wired Science reporter and freelance journalist. Based in Brooklyn, New York and Bangor, Maine, he's fascinated with science, culture, history and nature.
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