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Peter Jackson Geeks Out on 3-D in Latest Hobbit Video

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We’ve always known Peter Jackson was our kind of nerd. But if there’s every any doubt about his geek cred, we’ll just rewatch this video blog from the set of The Hobbit, in which the director talks about all the tech feats he and his crew are attempting on the 3-D shoot.

“Shooting The Hobbit in 3-D is a dream come true,” Jackson says in the clip above “If I had the ability to shoot The Lord of the Rings in 3-D, I certainly would’ve done it.”

His team is shooting the film on 48 Red Epic cameras (whoa), with 5,000 lines of resolution (suck it, 1080p), at 48 frames per second (standard 24 fps is for suckers). To make that all plausible, the crew has had to rethink everything from set design, to makeup and costumes, to concept art (they’re drawing them with red and blue pencils so they can be viewed with 3-D glasses). Nerds.

This production video also delivers other fun nuggets — like the fact that Jackson has named his Red cameras after his family members, dogs and The Beatles — but really it just whets our appetite for The Hobbit, which sadly is still a ways off.

“I hope you’ve found this blog interesting; I know it’s a little frustrating because just about everything we’ve been talking about you can’t actually see at the moment,” Jackson says at the end of the video. “You can’t see the 3-D, you can’t see the 48 frames, you can’t see the 5K…. But you will. December 2012.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is scheduled to hit theaters Dec. 14, 2012.

[via Topless Robot]


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