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Mardi, 08 Novembre 2011 20:26

Video: 'iMac Believer' Is a Totally Bizarre Tribute to Steve Jobs

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We get tons of tips and links that people think we should check out, but this “iMac Believer” video tribute to Steve Jobs is the most bizarre thing we’ve seen in a long time.

The clip was posted by GangBabyGaga. According to an e-mail tip from Leticia Silva, the video is the work of (we think) Silva’s son, who is a Lady Gaga aficionado and appreciator of Macintosh computers (obviously).

“Here where we live, the people don’t understand very well when he makes the choreography of ‘Alejandro’ or other videos of Gaga,” Silva said in the e-mail. ( sent a follow-up e-mail to Silva to get more details, but the message hasn’t been returned.)

We can’t totally place where Lady Gaga’s influence comes in — the tune “I’m a Believer” was penned by Neil Diamond and performed by everyone from The Monkees to Smash Mouth — although the video does possess a Gaga-esque quality that makes it impossible to ignore.

It starts out slow, but give it a few seconds. Honestly, we can’t figure out if it’s crazy genius or just plain crazy. What say you, readers? Is it art, crap or the dream that the internet is made of?


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