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This Might Get Loud: An Ear-Splitting 11-11-11 Crossword

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It’s 11-11-11! This is the last binary day this century, as well as a day made of only one digit and thus a very rare palindromic day in both the US and the UK. In honor of this event, arch puzzlemaker Brendan Emmett Quigley provides us an 11×11 crossword. If you’d like to solve in the grid itself, head over to Brendan’s website. Or you can print it out and use a pencil. Certainly, in the topsy-turvy world of crosswords, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful.

IT MIGHT GET LOUD, by Brendan Emmett Quigley

This Might Get Loud: An Ear-Splitting 11-11-11 Crossword

1 [I'm joking]
5 Family line?
11 Pennsylvania city where Billy Blanks was born
12 Diacritical mark that’s supposed to be over the “n” in 25-Across
13 E-5 in the Air Force: Abbr.
14 New Zealand minority
15 Citizen ___-Drive watches
17 Marrying types: Abbr.
18 The “P” in P.G. Wodehouse
21 Into shoes?
24 PC’s space bar neighbor
25 Spinal ___
27 Cuckoo for crosswords?
28 Too sure of oneself
30 John “Stumpy” Pepys portrayer Ed ___, Jr.
32 Seminole st.
34 ___-de-sac
35 Kind of oil
38 “Slow down there, tiger”
41 What the shaded squares go to, literally
42 Whitehouse.com content, in the Clinton era
43 “Lust, Caution” author Chang
44 Tossed Scott around

1 Boyd who co-founded MoveOn.org
2 Refund issuer: Abbr.
3 Lead guitarist for 25-Across
4 Two-masted vessel
5 “How tasty!”
6 Easy guitar chord: Abbr.
7 Feeds, as hogs
8 Prized possession of 3-Down
9 French accord?
10 Peaks: Abbr.
16 Muesli morsel
18 Step up to the barre?
19 Massachusetts state tree
20 Queen of “Romeo and Juliet”
22 “___ louder”
23 Nobody’s-going-to-help-you letters
26 Push-up muscle
29 “Smell the ___”
31 Christopher who co-created 25-Across
33 On the safe side
35 Tragic ending?
36 Lindsay Lohan’s sister
37 Mitt Romney’s wife
39 Haul to court
40 From 1/1 till now

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