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Gmail for iOS Back in the App Store

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Gmail for iOS Back in the App Store

Gmail for iOS, which made a brief appearance in the App Store earlier this month, is back and available for all.

The original version of the app was removed due to a bug that broke notifications and displayed error notifications, according to Google’s official Gmail blog.

The new app omits two important user requests — multiple account support and robust notifications — but the Gmail team says in the blog post, “We’re just getting started with the Gmail app for iOS and will be iterating rapidly to bring you more features.” In fact, in the time since the app was pulled due to bugs, Google has improved how the app handles HTML images, which are now sized to fit the screen and are pinch-zoomable.

Feel free to check out our first look of the Gmail iOS app for more details, taking into account the fixes mentioned above.

IOS users can use Apple’s Mail app to manage their Gmail accounts, but the new Gmail app does provide some extra convenience, delivering all the features you’d expect from a Gmail service via a straightforward, mobile web-like interface. A handy slide-out menu provides access to your inbox, starred items, sent mail, and folders you’ve created.

Image: Christina Bonnington

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