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Raging at the Bull: Occupy Wall Street Posters From Occuprint

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The Beginning Is Near

With bold slogans and powerful imagery, these Occupy Wall Street posters deliver political messages with a visual punch. In the two months that the protest movement has been in existence, Occuprint has collected many such pieces of Occupy poster art with the goal of spreading the word to other movements around the globe.

“Poster art offers a powerful expression of the global reach of this movement — it’s inspiring to see how this movement is bringing people together from all over the world, through a shared desire to work on something together,” said Occuprint organizer Jesse Goldstein, a Ph.D. student at the City University of New York, in an e-mail to

Occuprint came about after the movement’s newspaper, The Occupied Wall Street Journal, printed a special-edition folio featuring protest signs and artwork. Since then, the Occuprint website has served as a place to house the poster art and collect donations to allow the artwork to be exported to other cities where the Occupy movement is taking off.

“Now that we are collecting a lot of beautiful Occupy Posters, we want to make them broadly available,” the Occuprint website says. “Working with our partnering union print shop, we plan to create and distribute thousands of large (25-inch x 38-inch) prints of some of the images that we receive. We will also produce a second Occuprint poster folio in a print run at least as large as the first (20,000 copies).”

So far, Occuprint has collected Creative Commons-licensed works from Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Tokyo and even small towns in Russia. Check out some of our favorites in the gallery above, then head to the Occuprint site to see the entire, growing collection (all available for download to print).


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