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Space Capsule Buoyancy Work From Wired Readers

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I just could not help myself posting this blog even though it is beyond bedtime. It will show you some interesting new updates on the Tycho Deep Space capsule buoyancy issues but it will not be from me or anyone else at Copenhagen Suborbitals but from a Wired reader.

Not only is the information that came to me some late nights by E-mail very interesting but it is also demonstrates the power and joy of opening the doors to a project for the world and getting useful feedback in return.

We literally ask interested readers out there if they have ideas and thoughts and in between the many feedbacks there is some really great work being done that helps the project forward. This is such work!

If you are not familiar with the request I made to the Wired readers about the DIY space capsule you should perhaps dig into my prior blog post “Space Capsule Buoyancy and Uprighting Studies — Readers May Assist”.

The most interesting work that came back so far is from Martin Laurberg. I will simply let you see his work since it pretty much speaks for itself. I have to say I changed the layout to fit the blog template but the content is the same. So, please Martin. I hope this is OK.

Space Capsule Buoyancy Work From Wired Readers

Capsule Buoyancy Estimates based on perl-script (See link below) by Martin Laurberg.

Perl Script for calculations shown in previous image also by Martin Laurberg

Space Capsule Buoyancy Work From Wired Readers

Correlation between attitude and center of gravity, bi-modal attitude and 3D-grid construction. By Martin Laurberg

The work by Martin is already being discussed, analyzed and integrated in the project. So, thanks a bunch Martin!

In the future I hope more Wired readers would like to contribute with ideas and thought. A project with a world wide brain hub can be very powerful. Do not ever hesitate to write. I would love to hear from you as well.

Ad Astra
Kristian von Bengtson

Space Capsule Buoyancy Work From Wired ReadersKristian von Bengtson is a space-architect, former contractor for NASA and co-founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals. He is only satisfied if a challenge is close to impossible.
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