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This Fake CIA Memo Is a Vital Clue ... to Something

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This Fake CIA Memo Is a Vital Clue ... to Something

No, you’re not looking at the latest secret document from WikiLeaks. The above “Central Intelligence Bulletin” was dreamed up and provided exclusively to Underwire to provide you with an enigmatic plot clue to an upcoming cultural event. Which event? We dare not say: We’re a superstitious, cowardly lot, and, in any case, we wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.

The notional “CIA” memo posits that the agency is seeking a missing Russian nuclear official who specializes in fuel-cycle technology and reactor design. But why the spooks want to find him is a mystery, even to us.

We could use some smart sleuths to snoop around the internet and punch their thoughts on the meaning of this document (peep the larger version here) into the comments section below. Wrap your brains around “Leonid Pavel” and let us know what pops out, will you?

This Fake CIA Memo Is a Vital Clue ... to SomethingScott Thill covers pop, culture, tech, politics, econ, the environment and more for Wired, AlterNet, Filter, Huffington Post and others. You can sample his collected spiels at his site, Morphizm.
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