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Google's 10 Billion Android App Downloads: By the Numbers

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Google's 10 Billion Android App Downloads: By the Numbers

In the wake of surpassing 10 billion Android Market downloads, Google has released a detailed, visual look at the sales metrics of its store.

Google’s infographic reveals a number of interesting downloading stats, such as the specifics of peak downloading times, the most popular types of apps downloaded, and the most app-hungry nations worldwide.

Apparently, the most popular time to download apps is when you’re getting ready for the week ahead on Sunday evenings. But it looks like there aren’t too many early birds downloading as it gets closer to dawn, as 4 a.m. on Monday is the least popular time for acquiring new apps from the Android Market.

The top three countries for app downloads are South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in that order. The U.S. comes in next at number 4. American exceptionalism? Apparently not when it comes to Android apps.

As for app specifics, Google Translate is used to translate 100 million words each week (which kind of makes you wonder if some human translators are finding themselves with less work than before). And how’s this for a daunting metric: 12 billion miles are navigated by Google Maps each year. Google Maps recently added indoor navigation to its list of mapping and direction-giving capabilities.

The 10 billionth app purchased from the Android Market was (drum roll, please) Photobucket.

For the full infographic in all its glory, see below.

Google's 10 Billion Android App Downloads: By the Numbers

Images: Google

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