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Vendredi, 09 Décembre 2011 12:30

Most Dangerous Object in the Office: Mo-Tool Ax

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  • 12:30 pm  | 
  • Wired December 2011

Photo: Cody Pickens

Multitools generally don’t come with axes—probably because that would be absurd. The only way to make it work would be to combine an ax that’s waaay too small with a multitool that’s waaay too big. So, seriously, Brook & Hunter, what were you thinking with this $50 Mo-Tool monstrosity? In addition to a hammer (!), wire cutter, and can opener, it has a 2-inch-long ax head (and a safety sleeve so you don’t open your femoral artery when you shove it into your pocket). It’ll really come in handy when we’re … um, when we’re repairing doll houses? When we’re clear-cutting bonsai? Oh, Brook & Hunter, we can’t stay mad at you. Look at it—it’s a friggin’ multitool with an ax. Just don’t call it a hatchet.


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