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Mardi, 13 Décembre 2011 15:00

Storyboard: The Year in Gear

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  • Wired

Storyboard: The Year in Gear

The holidays are upon us. Let the shopping nightmares begin.

It’s no different in the Wired offices. We all want stuff for ourselves, we all want to give the coolest gifts to those around us. Actually, it might even be harder here. We sift through hundreds of items a year to find the best, the most innovative, the Wired-iest stuff out there.

All of that is to say: It takes a lot of time for us to settle on any year-end Wish Lists. The 2011 edition appears in our December issue and the editor behind it, Products Editor John Bradley, joins host Adam Rogers this week. The two talk about what went into this project, the product trends of 2011 and what makes stuff Wired.

This episode won’t do your shopping for you, but it could provide a head start. At the very least, you’ll now know why it’s a good idea to maintain 360-degree situational awareness and tactical deployment if you ever visit the Wired offices.


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