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10 Salivating Videogame Foods Brought To Life

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Imagine gnawing into a juicy hunk of meat from Golden Axe, or finally tasting a moist slice of that cake GLaDOS keeps promising you.

You can bite into those and other game-themed morsels thanks to recipes created by Gourmet Gaming, a foodie blog for gamers run by digital designer Daniella Zelli. Zelli, who lives in Ireland, has whipped up over 30 gaming concoctions since she started the blog several months ago, including recipes from Paper Mario, Team Fortress 2 and Deus Ex.

"I started Gourmet Gaming in June of this year as a small side project, something fun to do while trying to find a job," Zelli told Wired.com in an e-mail. "I hosted a Deadly Premonition gaming night where I served Sinner's Sandwiches. It got me thinking about food from other games and the idea grew from there."

For your reading (and cooking) pleasure, here are 10 of Zelli's best morsels.


Dedicated Portal fans understand the pain of chasing a cake that you can never quite find. Using a bunch of standard baking ingredients (with cherries and chocolate for a stylish garnish), you can thwart GLaDOS in real life. Extra points if you refrain from making "the cake is a lie" jokes.

10 Salivating Videogame Foods Brought To Life

Images used with permission of Gourmet Gaming

10 Salivating Videogame Foods Brought To LifeJason Schreier is a contributor to Game|Life and an NYC-based writer/editor. But he really just wants to be your friend.
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