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10 Most Hated Movies of 2011

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2011's movie roster was filled with the good, the bad and the mediocre. Some films wowed us, while some drove us out of the theaters.

Perhaps the only constant was the variety of personal tastes: One person's thoroughly enjoyable moviegoing experience was another's journey through cinematic hell. (You know what they say about opinions.)

Here at Wired, we take our entertainment seriously, so we polled our staff, gathering a list of least favorite movies of 2011. These are not necessarily the worst movies of the year; some of them were quite well-reviewed, on and elsewhere. These are merely personal opinions and gripes — a roundup of the little things that bothered us most about the past year's Hollywood creations.

Read all about our pet peeves, and share your own most hated movies in the comments below.


This movie was so bad I almost completely blocked it out of my memory. If I had a ring that could make anything I dream up come to life, and I was battling some universe-destroying entity, I'd think of some crazy inventive weapons to battle him with, not boring things like a souped-up, oversize machine gun. Come on — you think Parallax doesn't know how to handle a machine gun? Think outside the box, man! —Christina Bonnington

Worst part: That the power ring was bestowed upon someone as stupid as Ryan Reynolds' character.

Redeeming feature: The CG for Reynolds' Green Lantern suit is pretty nifty.


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