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Anonymous 101 Part Deux: Morals Triumph Over Lulz

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Anonymous 101 Part Deux: Morals Triumph Over Lulz

Photo: Jim Merithew/Wired.comAnonymous 101 Part Deux: Morals Triumph Over Lulz

(Editor’s Note: Any decent coverage of Anonymous is going to verge on some NSFW material at points. There will be questionable language and strange imagery.)

Part Two of a Three-Part Series Examining the History of Anonymous. Part One.

In the beginning, there were lulz, pranks and a culture of trolling just to get a rise out of anyone. But despite many original Anons best efforts, Anonymous has grown up to become the net’s immune system, striking back whenever the hive mind perceived that the institutions that run the world crossed the line into hypocrisy.

The fall and winter of 2010 started a pattern that persists; when the use of power gets suspect, people join Anonymous. But this immune response changed Anonymous as well. The lulz had to make room for righteous indignation, and not even a pretend indignation.

The voice of the hive mind, though still computer-generated, had changed its tone.

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