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Game|Life Podcast: The Extremes of 2011

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Game|Life Podcast: The Extremes of 2011

Judging by your facial expression, you are conflicted about rating L.A. Noire.
Image courtesy Rockstar

It’s the last Game|Life podcast of the year. Yes, we’re skipping the last week, but to make up for it we’re bringing you not one, but two great discussions: the best games and the most disappointing games of 2011.

The crew is back together for this edition. Specifically, Game|Life Editor Chris Kohler is joined by Wired magazine Senior Editors Chris Baker and Peter Rubin, and Managing Editor Marty Cortinas. Send all complaints to Kohler.

The Game|Life podcast is posted every Friday and is available on iTunes and as a direct MP3 download. See links below.


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