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Stats, Rankings Turn Beer Pong Into Moneypong

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Stats, Rankings Turn Beer Pong Into Moneypong

Ever wished you could definitively prove how adept your hand-eye coordination remains even after slugging copious amounts of sub-par swill? The National Beer Pong League’s new ranking system has got you covered.

The league is the brainchild of the folks at, the same people who took the game out of the frat house basement with the World Series of Beer Pong — all while hawking a bunch of swag that’ll get boxed up and thrown away the second you get married.

For the Billy Beanes of the Bud Light set, the folks at the NBPL claim their new ranking system now makes it possible to prove who is the best beer pong player in the world.

“We’ve designed an Elo ranking derivative specifically for beer pong statistics that will compare and analyze standings in real-time so players know how they stack up against beer pong players across the country and globe,” said Benjamin “Skinny” Solnik, who has the cool title of director of tournaments and technology. Incidentally, the league’s PR office made sure to note that Solnick holds degrees in math and computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, a fact we’re sure the school’s alumni relations officer will note in future fundraising materials.

Stats, Rankings Turn Beer Pong Into MoneypongStats are available on the NBPL website and on smartphone apps. Players participating in the league also will receive official identification in the form of a QR code on a smartphone screen.

According to League officials, ranks and stats allow players from a local frat or bar to compare themselves against teams nationwide. To encourage new players to join, rankings are handicapped — similar to how bowling leagues ensure rookies don’t get too discouraged. The rankings also allow players to include an affiliation such as city, school or Greek organization, and promotional materials are quick to mention the consumption of beer is not required for play.

“For the first time, players are also going to be able to see how their college or fraternity stacks up against its rivals, or how players from their hometown bar rank,” said league co-founder Duncan Caroll.

Stats, Rankings Turn Beer Pong Into MoneypongCurrently in the number one spot among 2,400 ranked players is Andrew DeCaluwe of Mount Prospect, Illinois. Though DeCaluwe has never been part of a World Series-winning team, he has an 82 percent win rate and, apparently, a supernatural tolerance for the effects of Milwaukee’s Best. Ranked at 1970, Kimberly Breen of Las Vegas is the top female competitor.

The National Beer Pong League isn’t the only outfit of its kind. There’s already, the Elite Beer Pong League and countless local competitions. But the NBPL hosts the World Series of Beer Pong, about as prestigious as an event can get while still featuring red Solo cups. The tourney — sponsored by NuVo Condoms and Twang Beer Salt — is in its seventh year and currently underway in Las Vegas, where the winning team will walk away with $50,000 and proof that joining a frat truly can increase your overall lifetime earning potential.

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