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Video: 'Nano Techno' Is the Best Rap Song About Nanotech You'll Hear All Day

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This is probably the only rap song about nanotech you’ll hear today, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Coma Niddy (aka Mike Wilson) found a way to make nanotechnology something worth rapping about. In his video for “Nano Techno” (above), he breaks down what nanotech is and the many ways it can be used.

Laying out complex scientific problems comes naturally to Wilson. When he’s not rapping, the 28-year-old is an “explainer development specialist” at the New York Hall of Science, meaning he trains people to explain science. He first learned the elementals of nanotech while teaching staff members how to give lessons to guests.

“I quickly fell in love with nanotechnology and did tons of extra research at home — it’s the geek in me,” Wilson said in an e-mail to “Being a geek allow you to absorb everything about something you love and being creative allows you to express your ideas in fun ways.”

Wilson, who made the song’s beat and directed the video, is no Jay-Z. But even though Hov can rap about Socrates, he’s never described bling the way Wilson does, by saying that “nano gold can probe for cancer.”

WIlson’s also got a hook that actually could help you remember what the nano scale is (seriously, play this song twice and try get that “10 to the negative nine or one-billionth of a meter” chorus out of your head).

That earworm comes courtesy of Jennifer Sharma, who worked with Wilson at NYSci and co-wrote “Nano Techno” with him. The singer has since gone on to become a high school science teacher, Wilson said, but fret not: The pair will continue to make science videos.


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