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Final Fantasy Scented Candles and Other Oddball Tokyo Game Show Swag

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Airou Ki-Gurumi Pajamas

CHIBA, Japan — Final Fantasy aroma candles, Metal Gear Solid snacks and Yakuza mahjongg tile sets are just some of the oddball items that videogame nerds can blow their disposable income on at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

In the far corner of the Makuhari Messe exhibition hall in this Tokyo suburb, Japan's game publishers sell all kinds of limited-edition swag to true fans who want to live the videogames, not just play them. The four-day show will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday. Once the crowds are done getting their fill of playable demos for games like Monster Hunter 3G and Final Fantasy XIII-2, they can buy all kinds of products featuring their favorite characters — including some things you wouldn't believe actually exist. got a peek at the merch booths during the business days of the show. Here are some of our best finds, and how much they'd cost you (100 yen = about $1.30).


"Ki-gurumi" means something approximating "wearable doll." So instead of simply owning a plush version of the lovable cat Airou from the Monster Hunter action games, you can dress up like him in these hooded pajamas. Just like this overly enthusiastic employee of Capcom is doing. For only 4,900 yen, you might say these cat pajamas are the cat's pajamas.

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