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Facebook Makeover Reveals New Vision for Sharing

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Facebook Makeover Reveals New Vision for Sharing

Facebook announced a slew of new products at its f8 developer conference in San Francisco on Thursday, aiming to fully integrate users’ lives through a series of major media and lifestyle-centric application integrations with its social network.

“Millions and millions of people have spent years curating the stories of their lives, and there’s no way to share them,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

Until now.

Facebook’s vision of the future involves bringing its users entirely into its social platform, allowing for the Facebook page to be a sort of one-stop shop, scooping up all of your activities and displaying them in one grand, blue and white frame.

The grand plan begins visually. The new “Timeline” product is something of an overview of your past Facebook activity in an entirely different visual format. Timeline goes back into your history of status updates, the apps you’ve used and the places you’ve checked into. The information collected in your timeline is dependent on what sort of data about yourself you want collected over time. So in order to, say, begin collecting data about your music listening habits, adding an application to a user’s timeline is a simple, one-click process.

The other half of Facebook’s vision: Apps. Facebook’s new class of social applications include the media-centric — music, movies, news and books — as well as what the company calls “lifestyle apps.” Essentially, instead of just “liking” things, the new class of apps will allow you to “read, watch and listen” to the integrated media services. Lifestyle apps capture most everything else

Apps are the stuff of Timeline. Installing this new class of apps onto your timeline will curate and summarize the history of your life as seen through Facebook — a collection of your activities curated and seen on a single page.

“It’s a container big enough to hold your entire life,” said Facebook vice president of product Chris Cox.

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