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Wired Hot Spots Reader Submission Contest

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  • 6:39 pm  | 
  • Wired October 2011

The Wired editors had their chance to reveal their favorite side trips and travel destinations (Geeky Destinations and Smart Side Trips). Now, it’s your turn. What geeky cool must-see spots are on your list of favorite places? Add your suggestion (Star Wars locations in Tunisia, perhaps?) along with embedded pictures or video to the Wired voting widget and let other readers decide which geek spot is the hottest. For the next week, the Wired editors will be keeping an eye on submissions and the will of Wired readers; we’ll announce the winners in the December issue of the magazine.

  • Complete the fields in the submission form.
  • Pay special attention to the ‘Content’ field. This is where you will add the embedded images and video. You will also add the descriptive text that explains your geek hot spot.
  • Basic HTML is required to embed media.
    • Embed your media (images/video) first, followed by descriptive text.
    • Use HTML in the Content field to link to embedded images and video. If you’re embedding video from YouTube or Vimeo just use the embed html those platforms make available with most of their posts.
    • Use ‘<p>’ tags below in your embedded media to contain your descriptive text.
  • After completing all the fields hit ’submit’ and your geek tour will be added to the contest. New items are added to the bottom of the list.
  • Next, get all your friends to come on over and vote for you!

All images Corbis; Autodesk: David Wakely; Eaton: Vlasta Radan; SEG: Windell H. Oskay/; Trinity: LOC; LOTR tour: Dart Stables; NASA


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