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Philippe Starck: Evolution and Intelligent Design (No, Not That Kind ...)

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Philippe Starck: Evolution and Intelligent Design (No, Not That Kind ...) We — you and me, mankind — come from mud. About four billion years ago, an explosive cocktail of bacteria and organisms, sparked into life and began to divide. Life began. There were tiny organisms, stupid bacteria that did not even know how to fuck, but somehow reproduced anyway.

Then there were fish. Mr. and Mrs. Fish climbed on to land and soon became land creatures. Their sedentary way of living sparked the concept of love as the mother could take care of her eggs (as opposed to fish where the eggs vanished in the flow of the water.) Each animal was more advanced, each developed a little bit more.

There was mutation after mutation, until we arrived at where we are today: a super-monkey. That’s me, you and everyone else.

As we have evolved, we super-monkeys have continually posed ourselves the same question. How can we become better, more intelligent? We are the only species that has taken control of its destiny, its evolution and its speed and quality of evolution and actively decided to work to be better, to have more fun, to be more romantic.

While every other creature was still grazing, we got up and decided to do new, extraordinary, more intelligent things. We had a higher vision. That’s what makes mankind better than other species. We have poetry, we create beauty, we are romantic. We are so, so intelligent.

The story of mankind has a starting point, four billion years ago, but where we are today is not the end point. We have not become the most mature, the most intelligent, the most sophisticated we can be.

The next four billion years will see us on a beautiful highway to, well, where? Where are we going? How do we make sure that we’re on the right path?

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