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Gadget Lab Podcast: iPhone 4S, Krypton Laser and the Grid 10 Tablet

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This week on the Gadget Lab Podcast: The gang talks about the brand spankin’ new iPhone 4S and checks out a powerful laser from Wicked Lasers, some great gear for fun at the park, and a funky 10-inch Android tablet called the Grid 10.

Our show opens with reviews editor Michael Calore and Gadget Lab editor Jon Phillips talking about all the excitement surrounding the iPhone 4S, which officially launched today. Jon can’t wait to check out Siri and start dictating his text messages.

The duo then break out to a wicked ant-killing, plastic-melting device called the Krypton Laser. The 1-watt laser is so powerful it can shoot its beam up to 85 miles away, and can light a match on fire. Careful not to burn yourself, or, you know… blind someone.

Then we take a trip out to the park where Wired product reviews contributor Billy Brown demos a few products that will make your outdoor experience far more enjoyable: the ENO DoubleNest Hammock and the Stanley Nineteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle. Finally: a way to relax and drink a beer without worrying about spilling it everywhere.

We finish off the episode with Michael and staff writer Christina Bonnington taking a look at Fusion Garage’s Grid 10 tablet. It’s got an interesting grid-based user-interface that’s not quite as intuitive as those of other tablets, but the price point can’t be beat for a tablet that size.

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Or listen to the audio below:

Gadget Lab audio podcast #128

Gadget Lab Podcast: iPhone 4S, Krypton Laser and the Grid 10 TabletChristina is a staff writer covering Apple, robotics, and everything in between. She's also written for Gizmodo and Wired magazine. Check out her Google+ profile here.
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