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The Ten Coolest Crafts at New York Anime Festival (Gallery)

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The Ten Coolest Crafts at New York Anime Festival (Gallery)Somewhere high above the New York Comic Con in a fifth floor galleria was the New York Anime Festival, a small subset of a larger con that casts its own distinct vibe. Rather than seeing the biggest and best of new video games, comic books, and movies, the Anime Festival was a more intimate (read: cramped) affair that focused on artists and creatives bringing their hand-made wares to sell. For some, it was a one-of-a-kind chance to purchase merchandise adorned with their favorite niche characters (just don’t tell the copyright holders).

While I am no expert on anime, I was more than happy to see a strong showing from video game characters and other geeky icons, as you’ll see in the gallery below. Here are the top 10 coolest crafts I saw roaming the aisles at New York Anime Festival:

Images: Matt Morgan

1 - Nintendo Crafts

The crafters at Omonomopoeia make a wide array of Nintendo-themed goodies, and all of them are awesome. It was hard to pick between the fairy in a bottle, the stuffed luma, and the collection of Nintendo earings, so these definitely take the top spot.

Matt, an engineer, blogger, and father of one, has been a geek of all trades for twenty seven years and counting. His wife maintains a list of his second-place accomplishments in life.
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