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Gallery: Superheroic Portraits From New York Comic Con

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A cosplayer dressed as GlaDOS from the videogame Portal supplemented her cool costume with impressive improv at New York Comic Con.

NEW YORK — At this weekend’s New York Comic Con, photographer Senén Llanos was busier than Peter Parker on assignment for The Daily Bugle.

Llanos, a 32-year-old lensman who moved to New York six months ago from Puerto Rico, brought his special lighting rig to Gotham’s annual comic book convention and shot a series of striking portraits of cosplayers. The photographer described his first Comic Con as a “fantastic experience.”

“The most interesting subject I saw was a personification of the boss from Portal called GlaDOS,” said Llanos in an e-mail to “In the game, this character is a huge computer that menaces the hero with very cruel and sarcastic comments. A girl made it her own, with a lot of little details and a voice box which repeated phrases from GlaDOS — I never saw her once break character.”

There were plenty of superhero variants, Llanos said: “’70s Batman, Dark Knight Batman, female sexy Batman, Batman Beyond, etc.” Another amusing highlight: An attendee dressed as Bane “walked the floor with a ragged Batman doll, kicking him and throwing him around for a few days.”

Some of the spandex-clad weekend warriors looked a little shocked at Llanos’ lightweight lighting rig, a wireless setup made for maximum portability. “I was using a 3-feet gridded octagon to create a very peculiar light and had a friend carry it and put himself [in] the best position to blast the subjects with light,” Llanos said. “It’s a bit bigger than most are used to seeing and it made a few nervous about posing for my camera.”

Maybe they thought it was some sort of supervillain weapon.

See some of Llanos’ best cosplayer portraits from New York Comic Con 2011 in the gallery above, and check out more of his work on his blog,

Photos: Senén Llanos


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