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Wired Enterprise Welcomes Robert McMillan and Eric Smalley

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Wired Enterprise Welcomes Robert McMillan and Eric Smalley

Bob McMillan joins Wired Enterprise

Wired Enterprise — Wired.com’s newest news blog — welcomes its newest reporters: Robert McMillan, a nine-year veteran of the IDG News Service who in 2010 was named one of the country’s top security journalists by the SANS Institute, and Eric Smalley, a onetime senior editor at Network World and the old PC Week and a longtime Wired contributor.

Bob McMillan will cover the occasional security story for Wired Enterprise, but he’ll also cover software, web services, tablets, the 16th century’s answer to the RIM BlackBerry, and whatever else gets the mind racing in the world of business technology. He covered enterprise tech for IDG from 2003 to 2005, and in the late ’90s, he was editor in chief of LinuxWorld, the IDG online magazine, where he became one of the first mainstream journalists to interview Linux father Linus Torvalds.

He’s also one of the few people to have a fired a gun with free software pioneer Richard Stallman.

Since 2005, Bob has written about cyber crime, security tools, and IT’s never-ending struggle to stay one step ahead of those pesky hackers. This year, Sys-Con media named him one of security’s most powerful voices.

Wired Enterprise Welcomes Robert McMillan and Eric Smalley

Eric Smalley

Eric Smalley has written about science and tech since 1987, freelancing for such publications as Discover, Scientific American, The Boston Globe, Computerworld, CIO, Datamation, and InfoWorld. Most recently, he’s been a regular contributor to Crave, CNet’s gadget blog. For Wired Enterprise, he’ll mostly cover hardware, focusing on such outfits as HP, Dell, IBM, EMC, and Oracle, but he’ll also look at hardware innovation at web players such as Facebook and among newer names such as Tilera and SeaMicro.

Bob and Eric will work alongside Wired Enterprise reporter Caleb Garling and me, Wired Enterprise Editor and Reporter Cade Metz. Other than Bob, none of us have fired a gun with Richard Stallman. But we would all like to.

Welcome, Bob and Eric!

Also, be sure to follow Wired Enterprise on Twitter.


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