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25 Awesome Horror Films You Probably Haven't Seen (But Really Should)

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Asking friends for their favorite unknown horror films feels a little like asking for under-the-counter porn — you feel like a creep and you know the really good stuff is still kept in a secret hiding place.

But fear not — or, actually, fear more. This Halloween season, we asked the experts at Fangoria, a magazine that's been at the forefront of horror since 1979, to guide us through some of the best obscure fright films of all time. For this list, the magazine's Editor in Chief Chris Alexander, Marketing Director Bekah McKendry and Contributing Editor Justin Beahm dug deep into their personal memory banks of favorite flicks to dredge up 25 great, underrated horror films that you probably haven't seen but definitely should.

Think these cuts are too deep? Check out the list Fangoria compiled for last year of the 25 greatest horror films of all time. Either way, all of these films are certified gems, so get to renting/Netflixing now, and prepare for a killer Halloween weekend.


Chris Alexander: This count may be even jowly-er than Bela Lugosi but for my dime, he's a stronger, sadder and more interesting Universal ghoul. (This) romantic and moody horror film never gets enough love.

Bekah McKendry: An atmospheric script and beautiful set design [make] it easy to see why this film should be among the Universal greatest hits.

Justin Beahm: Lon Chaney Jr. takes his sole turn as the mythic Transylvanian bloodsucker in this moody haunt. Possibly the darkest of all the Universal classics, it has a complexity that belies the cycle it is associated with.

Fun fact:Son of Dracula was the first film to show the Count's transformation from man into bat on screen!


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