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Bid Now for Role in Joss Whedon's In Your Eyes

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Bid Now for Role in Joss Whedon's In Your Eyes

A walk-on role on the Joss Whedon-penned movie In Your Eyes is currently up for auction on eBay.

If you’re the kind of superfan who acts out Buffy the Vampire Slayer in your living room, it might be time to get out your credit card: An eBay auction is under way for a role in an upcoming Joss Whedon film, and it could be yours!

Now that Whedon’s surprise reboot of Much Ado About Nothing has wrapped filming, Bellwether Pictures — the nerd auteur’s microstudio he runs with wife Kai Cole — is launching into In Your Eyes. The film, which is being directed by Brin Hill and scripted by Whedon, is offering a walk-on role for charity.

It would be cooler if it were for a spot in next summer’s superhero team-up The Avengers, but hey, In Your Eyes could be the next Whedon cult classic. You never know!

The charity is the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, a nonprofit that provides grants and other support to female actors, writers and directors. Details about the role, including the schedule and filming locations, aren’t revealed in the eBay auction listing, but the fine print does promise that the “winner will be able to bring a friend to watch and experience their big debut!” It also, inexplicably, offers “free shipping” (which Whedon fanfic creators will probably take the wrong way).

In Your Eyes is being billed as a “metaphysical love story” about two opposites who attract one another and find themselves connected in mysterious ways.

“When I wrote In Your Eyes, I didn’t have the wherewithal (or the moxie) to make it without an established production house,” Whedon said in a statement at the time the film was announced. “I believe, as I did then, that it’s a pretty timeless romance, and now, with the creation of Bellwether Pictures … I have the opportunity to prove it.”

As of this writing, the high bid for the role had already passed $1,500. On the off chance that Whedon’s next film isn’t your cup of tea, the Adrienne Shelly Foundation is offering a slew of other charity auctions, including lunch with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, a Community walk-on and meet-and-greet, and VIP tickets to The Colbert Report.

All the auctions end Nov. 11, so start figuring out how much you can charge to your PayPal account now. Whedon, presumably, will sleep sometime in the near future. (Probably.)

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