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Easter Egg: Google Flips for Do a Barrel Roll

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Easter Egg: Google Flips for Do a Barrel RollJust in case you missed it: a recently uncovered Easter Egg proves Google still has a sense of humor.

To see the hidden feature just head to Google.com and search for the phrase “do a barrel roll.” Provided your browser is up to the task — the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox should all work — the search results page will do a barrel roll.

It’s worth a chuckle at least, but gaming nerds will be even more impressed to learn that the search phrase “Z or R twice” does the same barrel roll.

Google is well known for its Easter Eggs and has even gone so far as to embed an entire flight simulator in Google Earth. These latest two were found by Jason Cross, senior editor at PCWorld. In the Google+ thread below Cross’s post users point out a few more Google search Easter Eggs, including “tilt“, “ascii art” (check out the Google logo) and our personal favorite, the quite subtle “recursion.”

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