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NYSE Tries to Get on Same Social Media Page as #OWS

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NYSE Tries to Get on Same Social Media Page as #OWS

While hundreds of protesters in Zuccotti Park were still asleep inside tents and improvised tarpaulin shelters early Friday morning, corporations were learning about hashtags and “following” at the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) first-ever social media day.

New Media Strategies, a social-media-marketing consultant with a résumé that includes work for Disney and the NFL Players Union, hosted the event. Their goal: teach the members of NYSE-traded corporations how to effectively interact with the web community.

The time and place seem appropriate — the New York Stock Exchange is just two and a half blocks from the epicenter of Occupy Wall Street, a movement that is perhaps better identified as #OWS.

#OWS is essentially a worldwide metaphorical loogie in the face of the same big corporations that were invited to participate in the NYSE event today, and social media is providing the saliva.

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NYSE Tries to Get on Same Social Media Page as #OWSMark is a fall 2011 intern and a student at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.
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